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willing horse un.驯服的马 自愿工作的人 例句 1.He is really a willing horse. 他真是条老黄牛。 2.Do not spur a willing horse. 好马无需多加鞭。 3.He is a willing horse but he always seems to get the rotten jobs. 他是个乐于帮忙的人...

All lay loads on a willing horse. 良驹负重担 ;马善被人骑。

the horse has a mane. 那匹马有一根长鬃毛。 mane 英[meɪn] 美[men] n. 鬣; (马颈背上、狮子脸部和颈部的) 长鬃毛; [例句]He had a great mane of white hair. 他满头浓密的白发。 [其他] 复数:manes

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