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program有节目,还有程序的意思,作节目的意思时,不一定是电视上表演的 TV show 表示电视节目,一定是电视上表演的 二者范围不同

新闻杂志(60 minutes) 纪录片(Discovery Channel) 电视电影(HBO) 真人秀(Survivor) 脱口秀 RT

Do you like to watch TV? Yes , I like to watch TV. I like to watch the cartoon. It is very interesting. It always make you laugh. Though I am 15 years old, I like it. And I can learn somethings from the show. It is easy for me ...

television show 电视节目 television 英[ˈtelɪvɪʒn] 美[ˈtɛləˌvɪʒən] n. 电视节目; 电视,电视机; 电视业; She turned the television on and flicked around between news programmes...

下面这个网址也可以看兰陵王! 和LoveTvShow的来源是一样的一共有46集,一集45分多钟 :) 查看更多答案>>

英语作文: My favorite TV show. My favorite TV show is the world of animals. The show normally displays how animals survive in the nature. For example, the king of animals, lion, is no exception. The male lion dies from fightin...


Television has changed people’s life much since it was invented. Now it has become one important part of modern life. People enjoy themselves after hard work by watching TV. They can see some plays, some stories, some sports ma...


How i met your mother(老爸老妈浪漫史) gossip girl(绯闻少女) house(豪斯医生) the OC(橘子郡男孩) moonligt(血色月光) one tree hill(篮球兄弟) grey's anatomy(实习医生格雷) tow and a half man(好汉两个半)

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