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BE right For Doing

just right for doing 就是为了做某事情 双语对照 例句:1.They kicked me out for doing what was right. 他们因为我做了正确的事情而把我开除了.2.Questions: what are you doing to make timing right for you? 问题是:你怎么抓住合适的时机?3.They have to be doing this for a reason, right? 他们不可能无缘无故的选择投资场所,不是吗?

i am right for doing homework.

be right about doing sth做某事是对的Even the best trading systems will only be right about 60% of the time.即使最好的交易系统也就只有60%的正确率.remain英[rmen]美[rmen]n.剩余物,残骸; 残余; 遗迹; 遗体vi.保持; 依然; 留


be right for sb..适合于某人

be suitable to和be suitable for的区别:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同 一、意思不同 suitable to意思:适合于(适于) suitable for意思:适合 的 二、用法不同 suitable to用法:在句中可用作定语或表语.例句:I would like to


be to do 不定式表将来 be doing 现在进行时 这里“让自己足够的优秀” 很明显是将来的动作,因为现在还没有做.

你好!be right for sb..适合于某人如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

It's right for you to do sth. 你做xx是正确的. 固定搭配句型

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