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Don't eat in the classroom.上学不要迟到 Attend classes on time.按时上课 Wear a school uniform.穿校服 Not eating in the classroom.不在教室里吃东西 Don't wear a hat in the classroom.不要在教里戴帽子.

school regulations 一、 考勤常规Attendance 1.学生必须按时到校,Students must arrive at school on time ,每节课按时进班上课,Be in every class on time 不迟到,Being late is forbidden 不早退或旷课.leaving prior to class over or absence is

Like every country has laws. Our school also has school rules. Students must get to school on time. They should wear school uniforms on weekdays. They shouldn't bring some things to school, such as, dangerous knives, cell phones and so on. They

The beginning of this semester, the school will take "learning daily behavior standards, develop good habits" as a major issue, the head teacher organizational learning "in primary school students, the daily" staff first rate; fan,made an example

1、 We don't walk on the grass.2、 We don't pick flowers.3、We don't destroy our tables and chairs.4、We can't fight in the school.5、We can't throw things in the school.6、We can't speak other people swearword.7、We should comity in the

Hello, Mary.Welcome to our class. Here are our class rules. You must read it carefully. As a middle school student we can't arrive late for class on weekdays. We must wear clean clothes every day. We must stand up when a teacher goes into the

obey the school rules as the saying goes “no rules no”.if people don't obey the rules,our society will be a does our school.if the school doesn't have rules to limit students' behavior,the whole school will be in chaos.although some school

Every school has its own rules for students. Every students must wear school uniforms at school. we must listen to teacher and not eat snacks and drink any thing in class.Homework must be done neatly and handed in time. In library, we shouldn't

写出自己梦想中学校的规章制度 Write the rules and regulations of the school.写出自己梦想中学校的规章制度 Write the rules and regulations of the school.

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