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For use here only. Please DO NOT take away.

Seek with patience. Span with passion.

让你更好,让我们更好! 这个字面意思找一句古诗词,真心是登天之难,关键主要是,很多诗词都是抒发心意,以含蓄为主,作为一个企业的宣传语,显然是不够精炼的。 我感觉这样就很好了:成就明天,方便你我;或者:成就明天,共赢你我;或者:美...

Peter 请 Mike 告诉他一些事。

1、爱在身边 Love is with you 2、温暖在身边 warm is alongside with you . 3、关爱在身边 Love and concern are with you 中国幸福学认为,爱来自于感情,没有感情就不会有爱。所以,爱的定义就是,爱是因感情而由衷的表达。比如爱心,关爱,...

(one)Quality policy: full participation and ensure the sustainable improvement of the quality of customer satisfaction, ( two) environmental policy: energy saving pollution prevention continual improvement of protect environment

诚信经营 务实创新 Honest Operation, Pragmatism and Innovation

Things always damaged because of cigarette. You are dieing when you smocking you just live one chance,why do you choice to die by smocking? Devil and ciagratte are alliance Nightmire comes with smocking GIVE up smocking and giv...

员工是企业的脊梁 Employees are our backbones 人才是企业的命脉 Talenets are our lifelines 技术是企业的灵魂 Technoloy is our soul 信誉是企业的生命 And reputation is our life


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