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Here is an introduction of my school's part time activity.It is my honor to show you .and today I would like to tell you something about the part time activities in my school. Our school has various activities outside class.the activities begin at 4;20 and

pparently, most schools often organize sports activities, such as football games, races and etc. However, people have different views about these sports activities. Most teachers hold the opinion that sports activities are good to the health of the

today I go to the zoo.First I go straight along the first broad road and has seen a post office in the side of my right hand ,Then take a turn on the left in the bridge street.Walk along the bridge street,I passed through the second street ,The third street

Our school has various activities outside class. In general ,the activity time is from ten to five o'clock to ten to six o'clock in the afternoon and the content of activities include reading, playin

My school life Hello! My name is Tom , I'm a student of NO.7 Middle school , I like my 我经常在学校吃午饭,下午.我也有四节课.放学后,我们有户外活动.我通常和同

i have planed a few things to do during my summer holiday, the first thing i will do is to visit the beidai river, i will stay there around seven days to relax. after that, i am going back to my home town to visit my grandparents, i will stay in their house for

We have a lot of activities after school. All of us enjoy them very much.We can improve ourselves and keep healthy by them . For example, on January 15 there is an Art Festival.That day we can see lots of shows. On May 5 we have a school trip.We

Dear Sir/Madam, As a student,I want to be a volunteer to help people especially the old.And I'd like to visit old people's home for I always get along well with my grandparents and I am good at communicating with the old people.Besides,I can help

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